Writing Exercise – Boys Like You

Music is inspiring. Because music. Today's writing exercise is inspired by Who is Fancy's "Boys Like You." I invite you all to play along. Drop your results into the comment section below. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pnaG3OaU5bw "Hurry up, Grace!" Rachel brushed her hands over the front of her dress, smoothing out wrinkles that weren't there. "Jesus, keep your … Continue reading Writing Exercise – Boys Like You


Writing Exercise – Three Words and Fifteen Minutes

The writing exercise for today is one of my favorites, three words and fifteen minutes. The words are chosen at random, usually by a second person, and they have to all be worked into the story organically. Clean, Frosting, Baby As always, you are invited to leave your results in the comments section. I look … Continue reading Writing Exercise – Three Words and Fifteen Minutes

Writing Exercise – Conjuring an Image

Today I'm using a visual prompt for my writing exercise. One of my biggest challenges as an author is writing good, descriptive setting. I tend to write lean, with only a rough, skeletal sketch of the surroundings. This is largely because I'm not a fan of reading huge chunks of text about setting. I tend … Continue reading Writing Exercise – Conjuring an Image

Writing Exercise – You are a vegetarian tiger

Today's writing prompt comes from 642 THINGS TO WRITE ABOUT - YOUNG WRITER'S EDITION. This is my second dip into the prompts in that book. It's an excellent book intended to stimulate creativity in young people. Not only are there creative writing prompts to inspire creative writing, there are also prompts for essay writing. Granted, … Continue reading Writing Exercise – You are a vegetarian tiger

Writing Exercise – New Americana

The other day I stumbled across a new-to-me artist. Halsey has been a part of the music scene for a while, but I somehow missed her. Weird considering how much her voice, her style, her lyrics, her everything appeal to me. After listening for a while, I realized I had heard one of her songs … Continue reading Writing Exercise – New Americana

Lesbians and Cake. Because.

Cake--A Bitterroot Novella A sexy romance about two women, one inconvenient wedding, and a shared love of cake.

Gay Gamers – It’s a Thing

Allow me to set the scene. Convention center. Gays. Cosplay. Games. Graphic novels. Geekery. Diversity. Safe space. That was my world this past weekend. On Friday morning, I flew to San Jose for GaymerX (AKA GX3). 2015 was the third year for this conference that targets gay gamers, and OF COURSE I had to get … Continue reading Gay Gamers – It’s a Thing

Do You Feel What I Feel

Once again, Ylva Publishing is donating the proceeds from our Christmas anthology, Do You Feel What I Feel, to two charities, one based in Europe and another here in the US. YouthCare Seattle is the parent organization that funds Isis House, a queer youth homeless shelter. Until very recently, they were the only such organization … Continue reading Do You Feel What I Feel