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Jove is:

a writer of lesbian themed fiction.

an editor.

1/5th of the publishing collective Dirt Road Books.

a graphic designer.

a firm believer in the “yes cheese!” philosophy of cooking.

in love with the same woman 25 years later.

a staunch supporter of the Golden Rule.

also a fan of the Golden Ratio.

a total geek about website design.

a feminist.

a podcaster.

a mom who engages in free-range parenting.

in love with her own voice.

a writer who spends most of her “writing time” staring at a blank wall.

a goddamn radical left-wing liberal.

still trying to figure out what the gay agenda is and why no one filled her in when she popped her lesbian cherry all those years ago.

wondering why it even matters.

terrified of birds. All birds. Except penguins. They’re just cute.

a member of the pantsuit nation.

shocked, scared, and stunned every single time she watches the news.

convinced that laughter will in fact make you live longer.

a worrier.

a friend who values friendship.

a fucking miracle.

the proud owner of seven tattoos (and counting).

madly in lust with too many women to count.

an advocate for kindness.