Gay Gamers – It’s a Thing

Allow me to set the scene. Convention center. Gays. Cosplay. Games. Graphic novels. Geekery. Diversity. Safe space. That was my world this past weekend. On Friday morning, I flew to San Jose for GaymerX (AKA GX3). 2015 was the third year for this conference that targets gay gamers, and OF COURSE I had to get … Continue reading Gay Gamers – It’s a Thing

Do You Feel What I Feel

Once again, Ylva Publishing is donating the proceeds from our Christmas anthology, Do You Feel What I Feel, to two charities, one based in Europe and another here in the US. YouthCare Seattle is the parent organization that funds Isis House, a queer youth homeless shelter. Until very recently, they were the only such organization … Continue reading Do You Feel What I Feel