Writing Exercise – You are a vegetarian tiger

Today’s writing prompt comes from 642 THINGS TO WRITE ABOUT – YOUNG WRITER’S EDITION. This is my second dip into the prompts in that book. It’s an excellent book intended to stimulate creativity in young people. Not only are there creative writing prompts to inspire creative writing, there are also prompts for essay writing. tiger-300x182

Granted, I’m not all that young, and I’m a professional author, but the prompts are still fun.

As always, you’re invited to take part in the writing exercise.  Leave the results in the comment section below.  My vegetarian tiger results are below the cut.254458006_6277bddd71

The thing about MMA, there is always someone who is just as fast, just as strong, just as vicious in line to take your title. The ranking system is so fickle, all it takes is one bad fight and she’d be declawed.

Tina “The Tiger” Singh pushed out another ten sit ups and moved directly to the jump rope station. This is her third round through the circuit, and she has a nice sweat going.

“Looking good.” Shaw, her training partner, smacks her stomach, and Tina pulls her abs tight reflexively.

“Jesus, Shaw. What the hell?” Tina doesn’t stop her rhythmic jumping. If she falters, she’ll have to start this circuit again.

Shaw drops onto the pushup mat and starts up a steady pace of one arm pushups. “Lunch after?”

“Yeah, sure. Sweet Tomatoes?”

“Oh, Christ, Tina, I forgot about the damn vegetarian thing. You know that’s not natural, right? How do you even get enough protein?”


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