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Retreat is not an option

And this is why Lynette Mae kicks all kinds of ass.

Women and Words

2016 was the year I realized retreat was not an option.

I have no choice. Either speak from my heart, regardless of the consequences, or die a slow death of regret. I’m a writer. I choose my voice.

I choose a creativity that embraces my complexity. The intersectionality that makes each of us unique individuals. This year taught me that I could no longer separate these distinct parts.

I’m a retired career cop who believes Black Lives Matter.

I love my family and friends, but will not tolerate bigotry or hate for the sake of some twisted idea of harmony.

I’m a veteran who loves my country enough to question leadership that I believe threatens our way of life.

I’m a wayward Christian who rejects religious leaders who stoke the fires of racism, homophobia, sexism, and violence.

I’m a proud liberal who will no longer cower in the face of…

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