Writing Exercise – Boys Like You

Music is inspiring. Because music.

Today’s writing exercise is inspired by Who is Fancy’s “Boys Like You.”

I invite you all to play along. Drop your results into the comment section below.

“Hurry up, Grace!” Rachel brushed her hands over the front of her dress, smoothing out wrinkles that weren’t there.

“Jesus, keep your panties on.” Grace teased the tips of her hair. Last week she cut it off, sheered almost to the skin on the sides, with the top just long enough to flop at weird angles that reminded Rachel of a Japanese cartoon character. “I don’t know why you’re so keyed up. We’ve got plenty of time.”

“I just… Arghh.” Rachel punched the air. “She’s going to be there.”

“She?” Grace slipped her keycard into her back pocket, along with her cash for the night. The party had a twenty dollar buy in, but other things could come up. She liked to be prepared.

“You know, Carin.” Rachel grabbed her purse because she was a true femme. Accessories made the outfit. She’d been staring at Carin  across the room in Spanish class for the past two weeks, trying to find the in to talk to her.

Grace checked her phone. The invite to the sing-off was in her email, so she queued it up. They would need the QR code ready to scan when they got there and she didn’t want to fuss with it then. “You don’t know that.”

“I do. I heard her talking to that hot Latina on your team.” Rachel had gone to Grace’s last soccer game. Mostly because she lost a bet with Grace involving 90s song lyrics. Roxette, a group with a front man who looked like a woman and a woman who made Rachel think very naughty thoughts, completely fucked her up.

“What’s so special about her anyway?”

“You know how I get around bois like you.” Rachel held the door open for Grace and slapped her on the ass as she passed.  “I kinda lose my mind a little bit.”

“And your clothes.”

“It’s true.”



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