The Power of Pride – Five Reasons to Attend Gay Pride

Since the Supreme Court ruling that legalized gay marriage, it quickly changed from gay married to just married. We, the 10%, are downright respectable nowadays. In spite of all the progress we've made in the past five years, I propose that we still need to remember the importance of celebrating gay pride. The last time … Continue reading The Power of Pride – Five Reasons to Attend Gay Pride


Finding Ms. Write Blog Tour and Book Giveaway

Want to know who won the ebooks? Check HERE for the list of winners. Hello and welcome to the Finding Ms. Write blog tour! I'm especially proud of Finding Ms. Write as it is my first spin at editing an anthology. My heartfelt thanks goes out the Jae for inviting me to be a part of … Continue reading Finding Ms. Write Blog Tour and Book Giveaway

What’s going on in La Casa de Belle?

Hi everyone! Periodically, I like to do a little update for everyone, so as to keep you abreast of all my comings and goings. This is one such post. Brace yourself. After twenty-one years, my girlfriend has finally agreed to marry me. Yes! A wedding and reception is in the works. It took her a … Continue reading What’s going on in La Casa de Belle?

Calendar of Events – February 2016

FEB 3 Editor's Corner at Book Enthusiast Promotions  FEB 4 Guest Blog at Gill McKnight FEB 7 Guest Blog at KD Williamson FEB 11 Guest Blog at Tara Wentz FEB 17 Cake Release Day! Record Conversations at the Bar at Cocktail Hour  Editor's Corner at Book Enthusias Promotions  Guest Blog at Blythe Rippon FEB 18 Guest … Continue reading Calendar of Events – February 2016

Ylva Author Blog Hop

Hey! Today starts the Ylva author blog hop. Yeah, I know, all kinds of exciting. Here's the line-up so y'all can check it out. Ylva Author Blog Hop - January 2016 SUNDAY MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY SATURDAY 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Jae Cheri Crystal Blythe Rippon 10 11 12 13 14 … Continue reading Ylva Author Blog Hop

Gay Gamers – It’s a Thing

Allow me to set the scene. Convention center. Gays. Cosplay. Games. Graphic novels. Geekery. Diversity. Safe space. That was my world this past weekend. On Friday morning, I flew to San Jose for GaymerX (AKA GX3). 2015 was the third year for this conference that targets gay gamers, and OF COURSE I had to get … Continue reading Gay Gamers – It’s a Thing

Running Amok – A Lesbian on the Loose in the World of Publishing

It occurred to me that it's been forever since I updated y'all on the writerly goings-on in my world. Not because there's nothing happening. Quite the contrary, actually. My world is abuzz with activity. First, I left Bold Strokes Books. Now, before anyone gets all excited about what that might mean, let me reassure you … Continue reading Running Amok – A Lesbian on the Loose in the World of Publishing

GCLS Character Auction Fund Raiser

Have y'all heard about the character auction going on over at Golden Crown Literary Society (GCLS)? It's kinda nifty, so if you haven't been over there, you totally should check it out. The premise is pretty simple. A group of authors, myself included, are donating characters for folks to bid on. This means different things … Continue reading GCLS Character Auction Fund Raiser