What's a VBA? Well, it's an acronym, of course, for Versatile Blogger Award. Now, truth be told, I'd never heard of this curious animal prior to a couple of days ago when author, editor, blogger, and all around nifty individual, Victoria Oldham, nominated me. I'm still not sure what it all means, exactly, but I … Continue reading VBA


Love & Devotion Blog Tour Kick Off

Hey there! Thanks for stopping by to check out my blog tour. This post is going to include a lot of information, so stick with me. First, I'm going to give you the schedule with the links to the other stops on the tour. Each stop should hold something unique, including reviews, excerpts, a playlist, … Continue reading Love & Devotion Blog Tour Kick Off

Shameless Self Pimpage

Hey y'all, I have a couple of things going on this month and wanted to let you all know so you can check it out. First, this weekend I'll be at Wordstock festival in Portland, Oregon. Wordstock is actually a series of events throughout the city and I won't be everywhere all at once. Big … Continue reading Shameless Self Pimpage