GCLS Character Auction Fund Raiser

Have y’all heard about the character auction going on over at Golden Crown Literary Society (GCLS)? It’s kinda nifty, so if you haven’t been over there, you totally should check it out.

The premise is pretty simple. A group of authors, myself included, are donating characters for folks to bid on. This means different things for different authors. For some, it’s naming rights of a major character. For others, it’s naming rights and character development for minor characters. And everything in between.

I put together a winner’s choice prize package, with three different options:

Winner’s choice:
Option one – Name a major character in a future novel, as well as contributing character details such as physical appearance and quirky habits. I’m totally open to doing some brainstorming here.

Option two – Name and design a secondary character for a future novel. This is an open ticket, leaving all the details to the auction winner, with one caveat. It has to be realistic and fit with the theme of the over all story. For example, I probably can’t fit a time traveling cat-shifting woman into a story about a woman who is allergic to sugar, yet owns a thriving bakery.

Option three – The story of you. I’d write a short story featuring the auction winner as the main character. It can range from sweet, to sexy, to utterly ridiculous.

My hope is that there’s something there that will appeal to everyone.

The money raised by the auction will help fund GCLS events and projects. The auction ends in a couple of days, 12/31/13. Want to check it out? Go HERE!


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