What’s going on in La Casa de Belle?

Business Card MagnetHi everyone! Periodically, I like to do a little update for everyone, so as to keep you abreast of all my comings and goings. This is one such post. Brace yourself.

  • After twenty-one years, my girlfriend has finally agreed to marry me. Yes! A wedding and reception is in the works. It took her a while to warm up to the idea. We are now in a flurry of planning an preparations.
    • Venue? Check.
    • Cake? Check.
    • Photobooth? Check.
    • Five thousand tiny toys for the piñata (Did I mention that we’re doing a sugar skull/Day of the Dead theme?)? Check.
    • Invitations? Almost check.
    • Beer and sangria? Double check.
    • Catering? Check.
    • Photographer? Check.

What else could we possibly need? This thing is totally happening, people! Stay tuned!


  • DC or Bust — The Road Trip! Planning is well underway, with detailed activity listings for seventeen of our twenty-eight scheduled stops. If you want to learn a little more about that, you can check HERE. As suggested by my friend Andi Marquette, I’ll be live tweeting our life on the road #jovesepicadventure. I will also try like hell to share regular blog posts about our goings on. Wish me luck.


  • If you’re a subscriber to Curve Magazine (If you’re not, why not? Click HERE to fix that immediately.), you might have noticed a little something by yours truly in the March/April edition. Yes, it’s true. They included an interview, along with a short story I wrote called “Downward Facing Dog.” Since the focus of that issue was “The Body Issue,” I wrote about a woman taking a hot yoga class for the very first time. In May, I added that story to my website as a freebie. If you’d like to check out “Downward Facing Dog,” (or any of my other free short stories) you can do that HERE.Downward Facing Dog.jpg
  • You may or may not know that I have some swag available here on my website. I’ve updated it recently, so you should totally go check that out. Free stuff HERE. Free is (almost) always good!
  • Andi Marquette and I will be teaching a class at GCLS called How to Make Your Editor Love You. It will be lots of fun. I promise. If you’re attending the conference, come by and check it out. I’ll also be hanging at the Ylva Publishing booth and the Women and Words booth. We’ll have much swag and good cheer to share with all!
  • This month marks the release of my very first foray into editing an anthology.  I know! So exciting. And, to make it even cooler, my co-editor was the most fabulous Jae. Finding Ms. Write from Ylva Publishing is available NOW. Want to check out the awesome? Look HERE.Finding Ms. Write400x600
  • Need some marketing tips? Check out the series of blogs I’m doing at Women and Words. It’s all marketing, all the time! Look HERE!
  • Podcast madness! Andi and I have started a weekly podcast wherein we summarize the weeks comings and goings at Women and Words. It’s available at Women and Words and also at The Lesbian Talk Show. Big thanks to Sheena for hosting us! We have a lot of fun and think you will too.

  • More podcast madness! The fabulous Blythe Rippon and I do a podcast dedicated to all things feminist in pop culture. It’s called Badass Women Save Themselves. You can listen HERE.


  • I’m wrapping up my next writing project, a novella called Archer Securities. It will be out in August from Ylva Publishing. Archer Securities is the second in the Law Game series, a collection that includes Lee Winter, Gill McKnight, Jessie Chandler, and Andi Marquette. I’m super stoked about this project, and I think you’ll like it too. Archer Securities_400x600


I’m sure there’s more I should share with you, but, frankly, the list at this point is overwhelming me. So, I’ll sign off now. As always, happy reading!


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