Cocktail Hour, Tattoos, and Free Books

I did an interview on Cocktail Hour a while back. During that interview, we talked about a lot of things, including a book giveaway for Indelible. Liz McMullen, the interviewer, and I, the interviewee, agreed to have a themed contest where people emailed her photos of their tattoos and explained why it's special.  My job … Continue reading Cocktail Hour, Tattoos, and Free Books


Podcast and Book Giveaway!

Hey y'all, I did an interview over at Cocktail Hour with Liz McMullen. As part of the interview, I'm giving away a copy of Indelible. Click on the link to check it out and learn how to enter. Jove Belle Interview @ Cocktail Hour Here are the details for how to enter the drawing (copied … Continue reading Podcast and Book Giveaway!

Shameless Self Pimpage

Hey y'all, I have a couple of things going on this month and wanted to let you all know so you can check it out. First, this weekend I'll be at Wordstock festival in Portland, Oregon. Wordstock is actually a series of events throughout the city and I won't be everywhere all at once. Big … Continue reading Shameless Self Pimpage


Angie Dressen’s goal in life is simple. She wants her son, Oliver, to have the childhood she never had. She remembers coming in second to the never-ending stream of girlfriends her father brought home, and she wants Oliver to know he comes first. Besides, between working full time as a waitress, struggling to finish her … Continue reading Indelible