Podcast and Book Giveaway!

by Jove Belle

Hey y’all, I did an interview over at Cocktail Hour with Liz McMullen. As part of the interview, I’m giving away a copy of Indelible. Click on the link to check it out and learn how to enter.

Jove Belle Interview @ Cocktail Hour

Here are the details for how to enter the drawing (copied from the Cocktail Hour website):

“Jove is doing a book giveaway for her latest title, Indelible. The main character is a tattoo artist. Going with the tattoo theme, we are asking fans to submit a photo of their favorite tattoo, along with an explanation of why they got it, and what it means to them. To enter, email Liz: lizmcmullenCH@gmail.com by October 26th. Liz plans to create an album with the submissions on her Facebook page, and Jove will do the same on her site https://jovebelle.wordpress.com/. You don’t need to have your photo or caption posted in order to win, indicate how you feel regarding privacy, and we will respect that. If you are open to having your image and caption published, please indicate that in your email. Jove will go through the submissions, and choose the winner.”



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