Kindle Giveaway

Hey y'all! Want to win a Kindle? I lucked into an awesome opportunity where I joined together with several other authors to give away a Kindle. Yes, I know you want in on that! Click on the button and it will take you there! The drawing closes on Saturday, May 17. Good luck!  

GCLS Character Auction Fund Raiser

Have y'all heard about the character auction going on over at Golden Crown Literary Society (GCLS)? It's kinda nifty, so if you haven't been over there, you totally should check it out. The premise is pretty simple. A group of authors, myself included, are donating characters for folks to bid on. This means different things … Continue reading GCLS Character Auction Fund Raiser

Love and Devotion Available for Pre-Order Now!

Love and Devotion (print version) is available for pre-order from Bold Strokes Books NOW. You can do that HERE! KC Hall loves her family, her small East Texas town, and her best friend, Emma Reynolds. All of that takes a backseat when her lover beckons. Lonnie is blond, beautiful, and willing. She’s also married and … Continue reading Love and Devotion Available for Pre-Order Now!

The Job

The Job FBI agent Sera Warren has been working undercover to track a domestic terrorist group to its origins. When her cover is blown, her priority shifts from closing her case to just making it through the day alive. She ends up in the middle of a bank heist, pointing a gun at her ex-girlfriend, … Continue reading The Job

Uncommon Romance – Three Erotic Novellas

Uncommon Romance - Three Erotic Novellas Happily ever after doesn’t look the same for every couple. In Raw Silk, June and Ashlyn Phillips, happily married, occasionally enjoy adding another dynamic to their sex life. When Katerina “Kat” VanderVort enters June’s office one day, she sets her sights on June. Lucky for her, Ashlyn loves to … Continue reading Uncommon Romance – Three Erotic Novellas

Women & Words is Hosting a Hoedown!

Hey there! The Hoedown is officially here! Remember, the rules for how to enter are a little different than usual. This time around, instead of leaving a comment (which we'd love for you to do anyway), click on the big box at the bottom that says JOIN THE HOEDOWN. That'll take you to a site … Continue reading Women & Words is Hosting a Hoedown!

Love & Devotion Blog Tour Kick Off

Hey there! Thanks for stopping by to check out my blog tour. This post is going to include a lot of information, so stick with me. First, I'm going to give you the schedule with the links to the other stops on the tour. Each stop should hold something unique, including reviews, excerpts, a playlist, … Continue reading Love & Devotion Blog Tour Kick Off