Women & Words is Hosting a Hoedown!

Hey there! The Hoedown is officially here! Remember, the rules for how to enter are a little different than usual. This time around, instead of leaving a comment (which we’d love for you to do anyway), click on the big box at the bottom that says JOIN THE HOEDOWN. That’ll take you to a site called Rafflecopter. When you get there, you’ll see a list of all the fabulous prizes, which I’m also going to list here in a minute, and at the bottom, you’ll see several ways to enter your name into the drawing. There are a lot of different options, and you are allowed to click on every one of them. At the end of the Hoedown, we’ll post the winners here, on Women & Words, and we’ll also set the Rafflecopter to show the winners.

Please remember that this is an experiment. We are trying to find a way to do drawings that is friendly for y’all that also doesn’t require a massive life-altering commitment from us. When we host the Hootenanny, it’s damn near a career change for those twelve days in December. That said, please give us some feedback. Let us know your thoughts about the setup we’re using this time around.

Now, want to know what’s up for grabs? Here ya go:

    • $25 gift card for Amazon.com provided by Women & Words
    • A signed copy of Sometime Yesterday, by Yvonne Heidt
    • A signed copy of Indelible, by Jove Belle
    • A signed copy of Twice Bitten, by R.G. Emanuelle
    • Winner’s choice from Andi Marquette’s New Mexico Series or her Far Seek Chronicles, signed by the author
    • Tea and Crumpet anthology signed by Stevie Carroll
    • A signed copy of Beyond Innocence by Carsen Taite
    • Signed copy of Wild Girls, Wild Nights: True Stories of Lesbian Sex, edited by Sacchi Green
    • Signed copy of Broken Trails, by D. Jordan Redhawk
    • Signed copy of The Girls Club, by Sally Bellerose
    • Winner’s Choice e-book from Robin Roseau. Choose from: Fox Run; Fox Play; Fox Mate; Fox Afield; Fox Revenge; Stark’s Dell (novella); Cooking for Love (short); and Southern Night (short)
    • Signed copy of Stealing Second: Sam’s Story, Book Four in the Clarksonville Story, by Barbara Clanton
    • Signed copy of Left Hand of Justice by Jess Faraday
    • Signed copy of No Corpse is an Island by Gato Timberlake
    • Signed copy of The Midnight Sun by Nene Adams
    • Winner’s choice from Linda Kay Silva’s Man Eaters series, signed by the author
    • Signed copy of Tactical Pursuit, by Lynette Mae
    • Signed copy of Giraffe People, by Jill Malone
    • Signed winner’s choice from RE Bradshaw’s books. Check out her website for a complete list. http://www.rebradshawbooks.com/
    • Signed copy of In Keisha’s Shadow, by Sandra Barret
    • Winner’s choice from Jericho, Sidecar, Aftermath, and Dust from Ann McMan, signed by the author

Good luck, everyone!



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