Excerpt from The Job

I figured since I posted this over on Facebook, I should also share it here. Please keep in mind that this is a draft, subject to further editing.

From The Job:

“But why this organization? It’s not like you have ties to anyone. I know. I checked.” He looked at her sharply with that admission. He was driving, so he couldn’t remain focused on her for long.

“I’d heard some things and it seemed like the right place for me.” She answered like she was talking about any other career choice, as if it was normal to scout out organized-crime groups before petitioning for a job. It wasn’t too far off the mark, except she wasn’t the one who had done the research. A team of analysts and other agents had somehow managed to narrow funding to a Middle Eastern terrorist cell directly to John and his crime syndicate. It was his job to fund their efforts, and it was her job to tie it all together in a nice package for the US Attorney.

Marcus turned toward the financial district and Sera’s stomach sank. Whatever he was planning wasn’t as simple as executing her. For that he would have headed toward less populated areas, like the warehouses down by the dock, or out of town completely. He wouldn’t have chosen a center of activity in the city; the traffic alone should have vetoed the location. When transporting a hostage, it was never a good idea to head into an area that was densely packed with slow-moving vehicles. That morning, they were moving even slower than usual. She counted that in her favor since it gave her more time to figure out what was happening and how to stop it.

“It seemed like the right place for you.” Marcus repeated her answer and nodded like it made sense. “I wonder, when you introduced yourself to John, if you mentioned your history with the FBI?”


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