Excerpt from The Job

I figured since I posted this over on Facebook, I should also share it here. Please keep in mind that this is a draft, subject to further editing. From The Job: “But why this organization? It’s not like you have ties to anyone. I know. I checked.” He looked at her sharply with that admission. … Continue reading Excerpt from The Job


Interview at PYSK

Here's a bit of shameless promotion. I did an interview with David-Matthew Barnes on his web based radio show, People You Should Know (PYSK). It's available now as a podcast. We talk a little about my writing process in general, and then about my new novel, Love & Devotion, which is due out in June … Continue reading Interview at PYSK

Lesbian Cops – Hollis

Who doesn't love a woman in (or out) of uniform? Personally, I get a little thrill every time I see a woman driving a police car, her hair pulled back in a practical ponytail. And when I heard of Sacchi's anthology, that's the image that sprang instantly to mind. I assumed that iconic vision, which … Continue reading Lesbian Cops – Hollis