New Tattoo

Tara blogged about her new tattoo, explaining a little bit about why she chose this design.

Gratitude with Attitude


After much deliberation, I finally went and got my tattoo.  I decided on the tree of life.  The word Salvation represents my oldest daughter, Michelle.  She was given to me at a time in my life when I was headed down a very destructive path.  I didn’t value myself, and lived only moment to moment.  She saved my life.  I had reason to live, to look to the future.  The word Protection represents my son, Wyatt.  While I was pregnant with Wyatt, I always felt very safe and happy.  That never changed. We look out for each other.  The word Hope represents my youngest daughter, Lily.  I tease her a lot and tell her it’s because out of all three kids, she is my only hope that I will be taken care of when I am too old to change my own diapers.  But really, she reminds me so much…

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