Love & Devotion Playlist – Song #3

Song three is inspired by the ringtone KC assigns to her lover, Lonnie. Just like any other young person, KC assigns a unique ringtone to the people who really matter in her life. So of course Lonnie gets one. Forget about the fact that it's guaranteed disaster if anyone learns of their affair. Wouldn't you … Continue reading Love & Devotion Playlist – Song #3


Love & Devotion Playlist – Song #1

Apparently, playlists are a big deal now, or so I'm told. And since I actually have one for Love & Devotion, I'm going to share it with y'all. It's a lot of old school country, which is interesting since that's not what I spend my time listening to. Here's the first song, When God Fearing … Continue reading Love & Devotion Playlist – Song #1