Love & Devotion Playlist – Song #6

Eventually KC starts to figure it out. This song is about her realizing who Emma really is and what she means to her. Song # 5 is The Gift, by Colin Raye

Love & Devotion Playlist – Song #5

KC takes a trip to Austin with her best friend, Emma. While there, they go out dancing. KC undergoes a pivotal shift as she watches Emma dance with her ex-girlfriend. Crazy, by Patsy Cline, is the song they dance to. Song #5 is Crazy by Patsy Cline.

Love & Devotion Playlist – Song #3

Song three is inspired by the ringtone KC assigns to her lover, Lonnie. Just like any other young person, KC assigns a unique ringtone to the people who really matter in her life. So of course Lonnie gets one. Forget about the fact that it's guaranteed disaster if anyone learns of their affair. Wouldn't you … Continue reading Love & Devotion Playlist – Song #3