For the love of “book people”

Bored girls sending messagesSome women love books. Some love to read them. Some love to write them. There are other women, I’m sure, who don’t love either. But I try to pretend they don’t exist because thinking about a world without words…well, that makes me far too sad. Anytime someone so much as hints at maybe, possibly mentioning that she doesn’t like to read, I quickly block out the sound of her voice and superimpose those little cartoon speech bubbles where her words are supposed to go. Yeah, it works for me. I get to go on happily believing everyone loves words as much as I do and those people get to go on without listening to a lecture from me about how amazing words are followed by the very loud cracking noise that accompanies the breaking of my heart.

fotolia_73262914Now, to some, that explanation will sound crazy. But to others, the women who love books as much as I do, that makes perfect sense. You know who you are. You’re the women I’m talking to right now.

I was invited to co-edit an upcoming anthology called Finding Ms. Write. And to make the experience that much more awesome, I’ll be playing the role of co-pilot (metaphorically), with Jae in the pilot seat. Yeah. Jae. That’s pretty badass, yeah? Not bad at all for a maiden voyage.

So, you all want to join in the fun? Why wouldn’t you? Here’s the official call for submissions!

Finding Ms. Write

Anthology of lesbian short stories about “book people”

Editors: Jae & Jove Belle

Girl going to schoolWe at Ylva Publishing are passionate about books, so we thought why not create an anthology with characters who share that passion?

We invite you to send us your romantic short stories with protagonists somehow involved in the publishing industry—a writer doing “research” for a love scene, a sexy librarian who doesn’t quite fit her profession’s stereotypes, a bookstore owner who has a secret crush on one of her customers… The possibilities are endless.

What we are looking for:

We are looking for lesbian fiction. At least one of the main characters must be a lesbian. Stories can be romantic, humorous, or erotic. If the story is erotica, it must be F/F.

We accept only previously unpublished short stories from female authors.

Word count:

We are looking for stories between 4,000 and 8,000 words in length.


Writers whose stories are selected for the anthology will receive a one-time payment of $40 (via PayPal), two complimentary copies of the anthology in print, plus a free e-book in each format (epub, mobi, pdf).


The deadline to receive submissions is March 1, 2016.


Electronic submissions only. Please send your story as an e-mail attachment (.doc, .docx, or .rtf) to Put “Finding Ms. Write” in the subject line of your e-mail. In the body of your e-mail, please include your legal name, your pen name (if any), the story’s title and word count, and a two-or-three-sentence summary of your manuscript.

We look forward to receiving your stories!


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