Daylight Savings

This time of year I hear most folks talking about how much they love autumn. The air is crisper, the leaves are changing colors, a lot of vegetables and fruits are being harvested. They feel energized and alive, excited about the change.

Fall has the opposite effect on me. We live in an area where it rains nine out of twelve months. Once the rain starts, even on a day when it isn’t actively raining, every thing is wet. It’ll be months and months before we even think about drying out again. The days get shorter and daylight is at a premium. And boy does my body know it. Starting in September, my energy level drops. Now that we’ve his November, I’m at the point where all I want is to take a nap. All day, every day.

As a result, I’m not feeling very productive in terms of projects around the house, especially outside. I am, however, getting a ton of writing done. Today I should tie a bow on Love and Devotion. In celebration of that, I wanted to share the song that inspired this manuscript. Martina McBride’s When God Fearing Women Get the Blues.

It’ll be a while before this book is ready for public viewing. After all, writing it is the just the first step. Next I have to convince my publisher to contract it. Until it is available, here’s a little short story that I wrote a couple of years ago. This one is rated PG, so no shocks for those of you who aren’t ready for some of my steamier stuff. Khimairal Ink Volume 5, Number 3.


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