Release Me (The Switch Collection)

Release Me (the Switch Collection) Amy works hard, but sometimes her job leaves her wrung out and emotionally drained, unable to let go of old wounds and new triggers. This day is one of those days, and Fiona, Amy's wife, knows she'll have to step outside her comfort zone and help Amy through her bottled … Continue reading Release Me (The Switch Collection)


Room 1320 (The Switch Collection)

Room 1320 (The Switch Collection) Lexi Stone is a second generation Mexican-American call girl who meets her regular client, U.S. Senator Sylvia Reacher, in Room 1320. While Lexi is a sensual Latin goddess, Sylvia is uptight, privileged, and white. They are complete opposites who are perfectly matched in bed. When Sylvia helps push a bigoted … Continue reading Room 1320 (The Switch Collection)