In 1986, I was a freshman in high school. And, more notably, Rails-to-Trails Conservancy was formed. My goal was to survive the day to day challenges of high school, theirs, a little more lofty.Rail-to-Trails converts abandoned railway lines into recreational trails. I've biked a few of them, and I am definitely a fan of their … Continue reading Set…


The Hills are Alive (and I’m pretty sure they hate me)

Remember that feeling of rushing down a hill, hands in the air, hair flying back, feet off the pedals because they're turning to fast to keep up?  I was the youngest of four kids in a single-mom family, growing up in the seventies. That meant no helmet and hand-me-down bikes  that were probably too big … Continue reading The Hills are Alive (and I’m pretty sure they hate me)

Permission to Ride

Memories are intrinsically linked to our senses. So much so that sensory stimulation can instantly trigger a memory, and when it happens, it invariably catches me off guard. For example, the second I pull on to I-84 headed east, I immediately think about my childhood home. My brain is flooded with memories of things I … Continue reading Permission to Ride