The Job

The Job 300 DPIFBI agent Sera Warren has been working undercover to track a domestic terrorist group to its origins. When her cover is blown, her priority shifts from closing her case to just making it through the day alive. She ends up in the middle of a bank heist, pointing a gun at her ex-girlfriend, Torrence “Tor” Jewel. To say the least, it isn’t the fantasy reunion she’s always dreamed about. She sees a flicker of recognition in Tor’s eyes as she pulls her .40 and yells, “On the floor!”

Before Tor can fully register that “the one who got away” is standing in front of her, she’s pushed facedown onto the floor. Sera might as well shoot her now because as soon as she gets up, Tor’s going to kill her. Or kiss her. She’s still undecided.

First they have to survive their reunion, then they can worry about happily ever after.


“The Job is one of those books you pick up and don’t want to out down, even when you reluctantly come to the end. From the beginning the characters and action adventure plot reach out and capture your mind, heart and imagination.”

The Lesbian Reading Room


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