Split the Aces

Split Aces5.epsTwo women ride a wave of passion that threatens to consume them in a  world of fast money and fast times in the neon glare of Sin City.

It’s lust at first sight for blackjack dealer Rae Sutherland and conventioneer  Cori Romero. Rae wants more from life than the constant shuffling of cards  in a smoke-filled casino, but for now, she revels in the excesses of life and  appreciates the never-ending parade of women at the tables. Cori is looking  for something besides her day-to-day grind and aching for a new  adventure, but doesn’t expect to find it on the Vegas strip. Fueled by the  encouragement of friends and Captain Morgan, she auditions for a singing  gig and her path inevitably crosses Rae’s. In spite of themselves, their  relationship develops into something deeper than the initial intoxication of  attraction, but both wonder if it’s worth the gamble.

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