The Law Game – It’s a thing… (plus a FREE set of e-books!)

The Law GameHey all! Welcome to the second stop on The Law Game blog hop!

As part of the blog tour, we’re giving away an e-book copy of all five books. All you have to do is drop a comment at any of the five stops. We’ll select the winner and post info about on Women and Words at the end of the tour! See the end of the blog for a complete schedule.

“What if we did…”

That’s the question that has started many wonderful things in my world. I have some friends who I routinely ask some variation or another of that question (I’m looking at you, Andi Marquette.). And then I have friends who like to ask me questions along that same theme (Gill McKnight!).

The Law Game started that way. Gill McKnight, probably in a sleep-deprived stupor, said, “You know what we should do?”

And, because I always do whatever Gill tells me, regardless of her state of mind at the time, I said, “Hells ya!”

Then, we sat down and figured out what we really wanted to do.

  • A bit of a mystery? Sure, that could work.
  • Instead of a mystery, is a legal entanglement of some sort enough? Heck yes!
  • How long? Novella. Maybe longer.
  • We should invite others to play! So we asked Andi Marquette, Lee Winter, and Jessie Chandler to write a novella too. They said yes.

Of course, as things often do, we went a little off the rails somewhere along the line. Lee Winter interpreted novella as “an epic tome.” And, in that same vein, Andi Marquette never once met a story that she couldn’t turn into a novel. And she came damn close with this one. But that’s okay, because somewhere along the way, we revised the length to be “at least 20k words” without a top-end cap.

This left me, Gill, and Jessie all bringing our stories in around a respectable novella length. But here’s the cool thing about this project, each author was able to take the parameters and mold them to their own style and voice.

The result is a collection that I’m so proud to be a part of. I hope that you all enjoy the read as well.

And, to tempt you a little, here’s an excerpt from my installment of The Law Game.

Archer Securities by Jove Belle, an excerpt

Archer Securities_400x600“Why didn’t you say anything?” Laila always told Sia what she thought of her boyfriends. Maybe this was one of those social rule things that she constantly screwed up. Maybe she wasn’t supposed to tell Sia if she liked her dates or not. Not that it mattered now that she was marrying Desmond. Laila loved him. He was great at brainteasers and just laughed and tried harder any time Laila beat him.

“You weren’t really into her. I knew it wouldn’t last, so I didn’t see the point in ruining your fun.”

“Yeah, she was fun.”

“No, she wasn’t.”

Laila laughed. “Maybe not with you. But I had a lot of fun with her.”

Sia sighed. “We need to discuss this habit you have of mistaking great sex for a great relationship. It takes more than a regular dose of orgasms to lead to happily ever

Laila tried to picture another way to be happy for the rest of her life but came up blank. “I’m pretty sure you’re wrong about that. Orgasms are awesome.”

“They are. But they won’t take care of you when you’re sick, hold your hand when you’re sad, or stick around long enough to grow old with you.”

Laila wrinkled her nose. “That’s what I have you for.”

“True that, cousin. Now come on. My dad was telling me about a problem at work. He thinks someone might be stealing, and I know how much you love a good mystery.”
Sia stood and pulled Laila to her feet. Sia’s dad, Uncle Samar, was the president of US operations for a multi-national conglomerate called Archer Securities.

“He’s right. A company that size, someone is definitely stealing. Several someones, actually.”

“True. But this is more than missing pens from the supply closet.”

Pick up your copy of Archer Securities from Ylva Publishing HERE!

Archer Securities by Jove Belle

Book two of The Law Game features a cyber Robin-Hood-esque antihero who must evade or convert the woman tracking her.

Archer Securities has a problem. Someone is stealing more than just stationary, and the losses are adding up.

Enter Laila Hollister, private investigator. As a favor to her uncle, an executive at Archer, she agrees to investigate. Laila tackles the case with hard-edged determination befitting the PIs she’s read about in novels.

Trinity Washington works as a systems support specialist for Archer. On the surface, Trinity lives a simple, orderly life. She’s single, cares for her mom who suffers from early onset Alzheimer’s, volunteers at a local homeless shelter, and makes it a point never to litter. She’s a letter-of-the-law kind of girl.

Except when she’s not.

With Laila closing in on the truth, will Trinity be caught with her hand in the corporate cookie jar? Or will Laila realize who the real criminal is?

Don’t forget to check the other stops on the tour and, more importantly, leave a comment on any of the blogs to enter the drawing to win a set of e-books!

The Law Game Blog Tour

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  1. okay I already have three books in the Law Game series.. now if I could just get my hot little hands on Daughter of Baal and Requiem for an immortal I would be a happy camper.. hint hint.


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