Cocktail Hour

07/21/13 – Bar Rag with Andy. I read an excerpt from Love & Devotion and talked about what’s next. Listen in HERE.

04/5/13Cocktail Hour, Conversations at the Bar – Andy and Cheri The Rev interviewed me about all sorts of stuff. Heads up, there was a lethal mix of allergy medication and alcohol (not all consumed by the same person), so much laughing takes place. Listen in HERE.

10/21/12Cocktail Hour, Conversations at the Bar – My very first online interview. We hit on a lot of topics, including, of course, my writing. Listen to the podcast HERE.

The Liz McMullen Show

11/29/13The Liz McMullen Show – We talked about Love & Devotion and Uncommon Romance. Check it out HERE.

6/28/13The Liz McMullen Show, Lizzie’s Bedtime Stories – I stopped by to chat with Liz and while I was there I did a reading from Love & Devotion. She posted the excerpt that I read as a pdf file if you’d rather just read. 🙂 Listen to that episode HERE.

2/15/13The Liz McMullen Show – Discussion about gender and sexuality with Clifford Henderson. Listen to the podcast HERE.

Blog Talk Radio – People You Should Know (PYSK) with David-Matthew Barnes

2/7/13Blog Talk Radio People You Should Know (PYSK) with David-Matthew Barnes –

The Situation Room (Andi Marquette)

6/28/13 – Andi Marquette hosted a stop on the Love & Devotion blog tour. For her stop, she did a fun little interview. Check it out HERE.


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