Thanksgiving or Giving Thanks?

The truth about some of the most beloved American holidays is enough to make a child weep. I know this because my youngest daughter just came to me in tears. "Mommy ruined Thanksgiving!" You see, they had a Thanksgiving pageant at school earlier this week, and Lily and her friends put on a small Thanksgiving … Continue reading Thanksgiving or Giving Thanks?

Old Timer

When I was a kid--young enough that my own opinions were vocalized loudly, but weren't completely formed despite their volume--my mom took me to church every Sunday, and the occasional Thursday night just for good measure. Church for a small child can be a stifling, boring experience, and that was even more so with her … Continue reading Old Timer

Inside the Box at Ding Dong Daddios

Earlier this year, Tara and I bought a food cart in downtown Portland. I don't think anyone was more surprised than me when we did it. I've always claimed to have ZERO entrepreneurial spirit. And it was true. I find comfort in the idea of being a number, a cog in a much, much bigger … Continue reading Inside the Box at Ding Dong Daddios