Reviewers Wanted!

Hi! My newest book, a novella called Archer Securities, is scheduled for release in August, 2016. The ARCs are available now, so if you’re interested in receiving a review copy, now is the time to sign up! Click HERE to do so.

Reviews are love

Archer Securities – The Law Game Book Two

Archer Securities_400x600Book two of The Law Game features a cyber Robin-Hood-esque antihero who must evade or convert the woman tracking her.

Archer Securities has a problem. Someone is stealing more than just stationary, and the losses are adding up.

Enter Laila Hollister, private investigator. As a favor to her uncle, an executive at Archer, she agrees to investigate. Laila tackles the case with hard-edged determination befitting the PIs she’s read about in novels.

Trinity Washington works as a systems support specialist for Archer. On the surface, Trinity lives a simple, orderly life. She’s single, cares for her mom who suffers from early onset Alzheimer’s, volunteers at a local homeless shelter, and makes it a point never to litter. She’s a letter-of-the-law kind of girl.

Except when she’s not.

With Laila closing in on the truth, will Trinity be caught with her hand in the corporate cookie jar? Or will Laila realize who the real criminal is?

Other books in The Law Game series:

  • Book One – Requiem for Immortals by Lee Winter
  • Book Two – Archer Securities by Jove Belle
  • Book Three – Daughter of Baal by Gill McKnight
  • Book Four – Evolution of an Art Thief by Jessie Chandler
  • Book Five – If Looks Could Kill by Andi Marquette

What do you have to do if you get a review copy (ARC)?

  • ARC’s are proof copies. If you find any technical errors,such as missing punctuation or an extra word, let me know, please.
  • ARCs are typically sent directly to your Kindle. That allows me to keep track of what I send to who. ARCs are fun to give out, but I have to manage them appropriately.
  • Ideally, I’d like to see reviews go up on Amazon on release day. Goodreads will be available by the end of this week, and you can leave a review there at any time.
  • Please be honest in your reviews. Obviously, I love 5-star reviews as much as the next author, but the last thing I want is for someone to feel obligated because she received an ARC.

4 thoughts on “Reviewers Wanted!

  1. I am interested if you are still looking but it won’t let use the form because I already am on it so I got an error. Sounds like another great read from you and I think you are still out on the road so hope you and your family are having fun and find someplace cool!


    Liked by 1 person

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