KD Williamson Blurs Some Lines

Before I get started, let me give a big shout out to Jove Belle for letting me rent her space so to speak for the day. She’s been my editor for the first two books in the Cops and Docs Series, and hopefully for the third as well. In a couple days, she has her only lil tasty tidbit coming out, and it’s called Cake. I’d advise you to check it out!

Now, pardon me while I spill my heart onto this page.

The first time I moved to New Orleans was about thirteen years ago. New-Orleans-Bourbon-St-ABTwo really good friends from my salad days (college), who I was still in touch with, convinced me to do so. However, at that time, I was far from bright eyed and optimistic. In fact, I was suffering from a broken heart.

Are you sensing a theme? I know. It’s Valentine’s Day who wants to talk about broken hearts? Especially one that was this shattered.Heart-hearts-26537377-497-367

But, it gets better. I promise.

Before I moved here, I was really into writing fanfic and had a huge one going that I had been working on for over a year. All that came to a screeching halt. The writing well was dry as a bone. My name was about the only decent thing I could type. Misery really was company. I wasn’t in love, so what the hell was I doing trying to write romance? It was a weird thing to discover that I needed that part of me alive and thriving in order to pen quality fiction.

Just when I got used to being alone, I met someone. In fact, she’s the same woman I’ve been with for over ten years. She inspired my first book in 2009, and my feelings for her kept my imagination fertile enough to yield Blurred Lines She would be the first to tell you that I’m not a romantic, but I can tell you, her love for me has done wonders.


SHE has made me my best.

Blurred-Lines-by-KD-WilliamsonIn Blurred Lines, Kelli McCabe does that for Nora Whitmore and vice versa. They are both strong extremely competent and independent women with seemingly nothing in common. In fact, their life experiences couldn’t be more different, but somehow they connect. Nora learns to laugh and see the lighter side of life while Kelli learns to open up and smooth over some of her rougher edges.

Want to know more, you say?

Good because here is a synopsis.

Kelli McCabe is a no nonsense detective with a tough exterior. Only a select few know her as a loyal, loving friend. Committed to her family, her friends, and her job, Kelli puts her needs behind everyone else’s.

As a surgeon, Nora Whitmore is used to being in control. The hospital is her life and leaves room for little else. Respected by her colleagues, but misunderstood by the residents, Nora takes what she needs and keeps everyone at arm’s length. In the process, she creates unexpected enemies.

Tragedy brings them together. As chaos grows around them, the lines between them begin to blur. Despite being from different worlds, friendship grows between them, turning quickly to attraction. Will these two strong, independent women find a way to deal with their individual baggage? Or will they be overcome by it?

Sound like something you’d be into? You can by the eBook at Ylva Publishing and on my Amazon Author Page. If you are a traditionalist, you can find the paperback there as well.
If you’re so inclined, you can follow me on my Blog, Facebook, Twitter, and I can also be found on Goodreads.
Happy Valentine’s Day, and thanks again to Jove Belle.


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