Get Your Geek On! Ten Fun Things to do for the Contemporary Gay Geek!

There was a time, not so long ago, when finding queer-focused events took a little digging. Now, there’s so much fun, geeky stuff going on that a list of ten really isn’t enough. It is, however, how long my list is for today.

From Seattle to New York, from gaming to comics, here are my top pics for the gay geek in your life.


GaymerX! This gets my number one spot because I attended this past December and had a GREAT time. Gays and gayming! It’s an obvious match. Be a part of the awesome HERE.



Read a book. Or 15,000. The Lavender Library is a LGBTQIA lending library and archive. They aren’t the only one in the US, but they are one of the largest. Check them out HERE.



Geeks OUT is a queer blog that also branches out to host live events throughout the US. Their mission statement alone earns them a spot on this list: Geeks OUT rallies, empowers, and promotes the queer geek community. Visit their website HERE.



This one is for all the history geeks out there. Quist is an awesome app that delivers today in queer history facts directly to your phone. Check them out HERE and download the app for yourself.



Flame Con! It’s a NYC-based, queer comic con event. Yeah, that’s as awesome as it sounds. Learn all about their awesome HERE.



Gay T-shirts! Because nothing says love like gay on clothes.


Webcomics! There not just for straight people! Boy in Pink Earmuffs has an awesome compilation of what’s available online. Check it HERE.

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Super gay gaming! The Daily Dot offers a brief history of gay characters in gaming. HERE.



Seattle Lesbian & Gay Film Festival! Three Dollar Bill Cinema has hosted this event for the past twenty years. Check out their awesome HERE!



The Gay League is a website devoted entirely to the gays in world of comics. Yes, it’s as awesomely gay as it sounds. Meet the superheroes of gay HERE.



From trans employment resources, queer youth homeless shelters, formal galas, and a comprehensive community resource guide, The SF Center has the hook up for anything you might need in the bay area. Now, it’s not geek specific, but any organization that specifically helps trans coders find a safe place to work is a winner in my book. Check out their awesome HERE.  And if you’re a coder who identifies as transgender, HERE is the link to that program. Much awesome abounds with this group.



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