Top Five Things to do with Soda (besides drink it)

I’m a Pepsi girl myself. Love the stuff. Always have.

And, the great thing is, it has so many uses beyond just making my pancreas go insane with the overload of sugar. You can read all about that over at Johns Hopkins. They’re pretty smart and use big words, and they know their stuff.

I know other stuff, like things you can do with soda besides drink it.

ONE – Add a few mint flavored Mentos, and you’ve got yourself a geyser.

Just imagine that happening in your stomach. It’s like a carnival ride inside your belly.

2e2a0d0a0ed40e7ca148c65db3cc41f3TWO – Spray some soda on your garden to kill all those nasty little buggies that want to eat your crops before you do. No, seriously. Apparently some dude in India found out that it’s cheaper to use soda than expensive chemical pesticides. There is much debate as to why it works. Learn all the whys and whatnots over at Snopes.

THREE – Got a little rust on your favorite wrench? No problem! Soda will take care of that for you, easy-peasy. Something about phosphoric acid and carbonation and chemical reactions. Heck, this dude used it to de-rust his bumper.

On the up side, if you drink soda, your insides are definitely rust free.

FOUR – Next time your car won’t start due to corrosion on the battery terminals, pop open a can of Coke. When I googled why it works, I found this: H(+) + Fe2O3————->H2O + Fe(3+) — Fe2O3 is alkali

Yeah, I have no idea what that means.

Then I found this: Coke has high levels of carbonic acid, which eats away limestone and other metallic oxides.

No idea if this is real or not because science. Regardless, it’s worth a try.

FIVE – Hate your new hair color? Apparently you can use soda to strip it away. This was actually the hardest thing to find corroborating evidence about, so I almost didn’t include it on the list. But then I decided that anything that can strip away rust and explode when candy is added, just might be able to remove hair dye. I’m putting it down as a good, solid maybe with a note to explore further.

All right, there you have my top five things to do with soda besides drink it. Does anyone have any other off-label uses for soda? Can anyone add any personal first-hand knowledge of the effectiveness of the items on my list?

Thanks for indulging my little side trip into the world of nutrition (sort of). Check back with me next Sunday for another fun-filled post about food that just might kill you.



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