Writing Exercise – Must Be Crazy For Me

Music has the power to inspire all areas of our lives. For me, music can evoke an emotion, resurrect old memories, and inspire new stories.


For today’s writing exercise I’m looking at an old favorite, “Must Be Crazy for Me,” by Melissa Etheridge.

And to add an extra layer of fun to the experience, I’m using Dragon naturally speaking software to dictate my writing exercise. One of my goals for the new year is to become more comfortable with this program. Currently, it takes longer to dictate a few words than it would for me to type them.

As always, you are invited, dear reader, to take part in this writing exercise with me. I will hit publish as soon as my timer goes off at 15 minutes without editing for mistakes.

If you’re up to the challenge, leave your results in the comment section below.


Raven started her phone, willing it to ring. She practiced the visualization exercise her therapist taught her this week during their 50 minute session. If she pictured it, her therapist said, it would happen. It’s all about sending the right message out into the universe.

So far, Raven and spent the last 46 minutes staring at her phone. She was about to the point of trying reverse psychology. Maybe Lisa would call her if she sent out a message saying she wanted to be left alone.

“Raven dinner is almost ready,” her mom called up the stairs.

Raven side. “Okay mom I’ll be down in a minute.”

Check the time on her phone. Today during chem, Lisa had promised to call her before five tonight. It was already 20 after. Just be sure her phone was working, Raven pulled up the number for her sister cell and hit send. As soon as the phone started playing the song her sister used as a ring tone, her sister picked up the phone.

“Jesus Raven! That’s a fourteenth time you’ve called me this afternoon. The phone works okay.” Without seeing by, she hung up.

Lisa was new to their school as of this fall. She transferred in from across the state, and brought with her a whole new world of experiences. For instance, she had a vaporizer that she used to smoke marijuana. Raven had never tried it before Lisa offered it to her after school one day. And she should’ve said no, but how could she went when Lisa was looking at her with that ridiculously sexy dare-you-to smile.

Lisa smiled at her like that a lot. The first time, was when she tried to convince Raven to ditch homeroom and go hang out down by the river with her. Raven had said no that time, until Lisa gave her that smile. And then she was a goner.

It didn’t take Lisa very long to figure out how to have her way with Raven anytime she wanted. She didn’t always follow through, like when she promised to call before 5 o’clock, but Raven found she didn’t care. Or rather, she didn’t care as soon as she saw Lisa again. She was miserable, wondering what had gone wrong, and then she’d see Lisa. And maybe Lisa would smile, or twist Raven’s hair around her fingers like she’d like to do, or maybe, just maybe, she would kiss her. She done that twice now.



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