Uncommon Romance on Rainbow Book Reviews

Since Uncommon Romance is a collection of three novellas, Rainbow Book Reviews reviewed it in a three part series. They said some really nice things, so I wanted to share with y’all.

Uncommon Romance 300 DPIUncommon Romance: Raw Silk

“This is the first of three off the chart sexually explosive novellas that more than underscore the book cover’s statement: Sometimes sex is the only way to say “I love you”.”

“This is a most delectable story and I definitely recommend that it be savored!”

“This novella is not to be missed…”

Read the rest HERE!

Uncommon Romance: On Her Knees

“This is an especially fine story that was both searingly hot, borderline devastating, and over-the-top dreamlike.”

“Utterly fantastic!”

“I totally enjoyed the extraordinary ups and downs with the possible conclusion leaving smiles on everyone’s faces. Amazing!”

Read the rest HERE!

Uncommon Romance: Hollis

“What an electrifying story…”

“…Jude and Hollis commanded my attention in a manner I have never experienced before.”

“I was totally captivated…”

“…I reread this story four times and continued to be astounded.”

Read the rest HERE!



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