Early Reviews for Love & Devotion

Love & Devotion

Love & Devotion 300 DPIThe Book Enthusiast

“I loved this book!”

“She really made me want to jump into the screen…”

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Swoon Worthy Reviews

“…I have been dying for a female/female book and Jove did not leave me disappointed.”

“Love and Devotion is a beautiful story…”

“It is a great book…”

“Way to go Jove…”

“Can’t wait to read more of your work…”

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Jessica Loves Books

“I thoroughly enjoyed this book.”

“It was well written, and dealt with a very simple but important topic.”

“…raw and real and sexy without being too much or too little.”

“In a word, perfection!”

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Candy Coated Book Blog

“I really enjoyed this book.”

“I felt not only a connection to KC and Emma, but to KC’s entire family.”

“This story has everything from hot sex, to good ole Southern values.”

“I was thoroughly impressed…”

“…look forward to reading more from Jove Belle.”

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Booky Ramblings of a Neurotic Mom

“…I read this book in one sitting.”

“…not be able to compare it to other F/F books but I can compare it to other romance novels and this definitely measures up.”

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Rose’s Book Blog

“I am really glad that Love & Devotion was my first f/f book because I really did enjoy this story.”

“This was a great story about figuring out what you want in life…”

“This book was well written and very enjoyable.”

“I look forward to reading other books by Jove Belle in the future, 5 stars!”

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Sarah Daltry

“In Love and Devotion, the characters are incredibly real and I finished the book feeling a little sad that I could not hang out with them anymore.”

“I honestly felt so overwhelmed at the end of this book, because her story totally resonated with me.”

“Not only did I want to call up Jove, but I also really want to go get coffee with KC! (Or a drink!)”

“I highly recommend this novel, because it is beautiful, sad, and honest.”

Read the rest of the review HERE.


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