Lemon Drop…to Jove Belle’s virtual home. Pull up a chair and sit a while. If she was cool and British (or, better yet, Australian), she’d offer you a cuppa. Sadly, she’s not that cool or that British, but she would like you to stay a while. Instead, here’s a martini and we can all pretend that she’s super posh as we sip our drinks with our pinkies extended.

For those of you who landed here by accident, Jove Belle is an author of lesbian fiction and an all around swell person. You can check out evidence of her writing HERE.

For those of you who landed here totally on purpose, good for you! If that’s the case, you’re probably here for a reason. Check out all your options below.

cropped-websitebanner-14.jpgIf you’re looking for her blog, you can find that HERE.

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Or, if you’re looking for Women and Words, an awesome blog that she helps manage, you can find that HERE. If you’ve never visited Women and Words, you totally should because they give away free books on the regular. And who doesn’t love free books?

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Maybe you want to buy a book!buyabookYou can purchase ebooks or Paperbacks on Amazon.com HERE. Or from Barnes & Noble HERE. Or from Bold Strokes Books HERE.

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Or, you can buy a signed paperback from Jove directly! Fill out this handy dandy form to place your order.

BSB_Uncommon_RomanceLove & Devotion 300 DPI

Not quite ready to commit? Jove totally understands! That’s why she has a few short stories available for you to read right here on her website! For FREE! Do that HERE!

Hearts and RosesOr maybe you heard that Jove writes some awesome, if scandalous, smutty short stories. It’s true! For the most part, they are included in anthologies. Check that out HERE. But she has a couple stand alone e-shorts (working on more) available for super cheap from Amazon. Check that out HERE. Sorry, but those aren’t free. As much as Jove likes to share, she’s equally terrified that a small child might stumble across those stories. Hopefully, if kids are buying stuff off Amazon, their parents are involved.Room 1320.96Maybe you dropped in looking for some SWAG! As luck would have it, Jove has some of that available, too. Check HERE!bookmark.JoveBelleScript.FinalThere’s a lot of other fun stuff rolling around, so feel free to hang out and poke through the cupboards!

Happy reading.


6 thoughts on “Welcome…”

  1. Jean Murphy said:

    I just finished reading Edge of Darkness and I enjoyed it very much. But I do have a question. You indicated that something was different in Braxston’s treatment of Diana a while after the gay bar scene, but you never said what. You also, indicated that something was different concerning Jake & Braxston husband and wife relationship., there again I don’t know what happened. Was Braxston jealous of Diana and Cami? Did she have more feelings for Diana than discribed? Or did I just not understand what you wrote?

    By the way this web site is awesome.


  2. Somebody once asked me if I could have an affair with any of my characters, who would it be? Without a doubt, my playmate of choice would be Braxton. Hands down.

    When I originally conceived/plotted Edge of Darkness, Braxton wasn’t even a part of the story. I added her as a sounding board for Diana. It was just too boring to have her driving around alone. But as the character grew, I discovered that I really, really liked her. I wasn’t ready to be done with her when the book was completed.

    The questions you have about the holes in her story line are there on purpose. At some point, I’d like to write her story. In order to do that, I had to have the premise set up.

    Jean, thanks much for reading. I appreciate it.


  3. Hey Jove, great to hear you’ll be writing again soon. Any ideas what we can expect to see?

    • Gill! It’s great to be writing again. I’m working on a couple of different projects, one short and one full length novel. The novel is tentatively titled Love & Devotion. I’ll keep y’all updated as I progress.

  4. Love you style of writing. Strong women just like most of us. Thanks for great reads. A Big Florida Fan!

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