Are you over 18? Or whatever the magic age is for reading smut in your corner of the world? If you are, go ahead and keep reading. If you’re not, or if you’re the sort to get all in an uproar over women having sex with other women, give this page a pass. I won’t be held responsible for your corruption.

masqueradeMasquerade by Jove Belle © 2016

In theory, a Halloween party as foreplay sounded like a great idea. So much so, Reese was still hoping the night would end with at least one spectacular orgasm.

For now, though, standing amid more crushed velvet than should be legal and searching for Mila in a sea of costumes, Reese’s ardor was rapidly waning. The sticky hot sweat of too many bodies permeated everything, and this house was too small to accommodate all the damn people inside it. Her costume, a Victorian-era, hand-tailored suit, complete with suspenders, vest, and pocket watch, weighed heavy on her shoulders in an unexpected way, counter to the sense of euphoria and elation she’d felt when she’d tried it on for the first time.

“I’ll be the Queen of Hearts,” Mila had whispered in her ear, tongue flicking out to tease the outside curve and sending shivers down Reese’s spine. “Find me and claim your prize.”

How could she have possibly refused that invitation? As it happened, all she had been able to do in that moment was whimper and fall to her knees, where she’d spent the next however long tattooing her name onto Mila’s clit with her tongue.

She should have asked questions. Like where would Mila wait for her? Would she be alone or with friends? Would Reese survive the suffocating combination of perspiration and cologne?

Queen of Hearts. It had sounded so goddamned sexy, a promise full of bad intentions and happy endings. How could she have possibly predicted that every single femme in attendance would wear the same damn costume? Queen after Queen and none of them hers. It was maddening.

Reese adjusted her mask, an understated, white Guy Fawkes classic that itched like a mother fucker. She blew out a sigh and made her way to the back door. Mila liked to drink under the stars, something about the bite of the cool night air balanced against the warm glow of the whiskey she loved so much.

Determined, Reese pushed her way through the throng. House parties like this one were a staple of the American college experience, but she would have been just as happy at Mila’s apartment. Mila could have sipped that whiskey out on her balcony while Reese slipped her fingers between her thighs. If this party was hell, nirvana was bringing Mila to climax with the sounds of city life rising up to meet them.

Out of the corner of her eye, she spotted a familiar blush of skin, a smirk that was unmistakable beneath the demi-mask covering the top half of the woman’s face. Mila. She was standing on the stairs, one foot higher than the other as if she was midway through her ascension and ready to continue. Below her, two glassy eyed jocks stood, staring up at her. Subjects before their queen.

Mila had the right complexion for the Queen of Hearts, her skin delicate and pale. Her hair, though, was a shocking blonde that worked beautifully in any other setting but was jarring with this costume. She lowered her gaze, laughed at something one of the guys said, and then looked directly at Reese. Barely restrained lust darkened her expression, and suddenly, Reese needed to be close enough to touch.

Reese pushed mindlessly at the bodies surrounding her, unaffected by everything except Mila and the storm behind her eyes. She climbed the steps, eased through the gap between the two guys, and didn’t stop until she was flush against Mila and Mila’s back was flush against the wall.

“You found me,” Mila said, her voice breathy and pitched low.

“Just in time, it looks like.” Reese pushed her mask up and kissed Mila on the mouth, soft and as close to sweet as they ever got.

“What the hell?” Guy number one grabbed Reese by the shoulder and spun her around. “We were talking, dude. Back off.”

“And now you’re done.” Reese smirked.

Mila draped herself over Reese’s shoulder and finger waved at the guys. “Thanks for entertaining me until my date arrived.”

“Now wait a minute.” Guy one pointed at Reese, clearly working up a head of steam.

The other guy touched him on the arm. “Dude, let it go. Don’t be an ass.”


“Yeah, she’s hot. I get it. I’d be pissed too. But, fact is, she was always going home with me. You were just the pre-game entertainment.”

Mila pushed Reese’s head to the side and placed several hot, open-mouthed kisses on her neck. A low, subdued pleasure bubbled inside her, moving through her slowly, easily. She turned her head and let Mila kiss her on the mouth. And, when Mila caught her bottom lip between her teeth, the slow simmer fizzed and popped through her veins.


Reese put her hand over the guy’s face and pushed him away. She didn’t care if Mila stripped her naked and tied her spread eagle in the middle of the mall at Christmastime. Hell, she didn’t really care if these guys watched, but she didn’t want to listen to their commentary. This was about her and Mila and how good it felt to be her with Mila. It wasn’t about putting on a show.

Before Reese could decide if they should look for an unoccupied room—or clear section of wall—Mila snaked her arm around Reese’s waist and palmed her crotch. More specifically, the cock she had strapped on before leaving home.

“Oh my.” Mila smiled into the kiss. “Is this for me, lover?”

Reese canted her hips forward, an involuntary reaction to Mila’s very presence. She nodded, her head bobbing like a figure on a dashboard. “Yes.”

“Good. Come with me.”

With her hand wrapped tightly around Reese’s cock, she led her up the stairs and into a room. Another couple, clearly just finished with what Reese and Mila had only started, was already in there.

“We’ll be out of your way in two shakes,” the guy said.

“Unless you want us to stay.” The woman stretched languidly, still naked on the bed.

Mila smiled her lopsided, appreciative smile that said she was thinking about it. Reese watched Mila, waiting for her to decide.

“Another time, perhaps.” Mila slowly undid the top button on Reese’s vest and worked her way methodically, patiently through the rest until she was able to slide the garment off her shoulders. She stepped away from Reese and hung it neatly on the back of a chair. She looked at the woman and gave a little shrug. “Sorry.”

The woman stood, slipped on her dress, and turned her back to Reese, silently asking her to zip her up. At another time, in another place, a woman so richly erotic would have made Reese drip with excitement. At this time, in this place, Reese waited for Mila to give her some indication of how to proceed.

“Go ahead, lover. Don’t leave her hanging.”

With permission, Reese zipped the dress slowly, letting the rhythmic clicking of the teeth fill the silence in the room.

When she finished, the man said, “Well shit. Now I wish we were staying.”

The woman laughed and fished a business card out of her clutch. She presented it to Mila and said, “Call me.”

She turned, snapped her purse shut with a loud click, and stepped into her heels. Without a backward glance, she left with the man trailing behind her.

Mila extended her hand and, with one finger on Reese’s chin, guided Reese to turn her head until they were once again looking at each other.

With the grin of a temptress, she said, “Alone at last.”

She kissed Reese again, her exploration long and slow and so completely overwhelming that Reese didn’t realize that Mila was unbuttoning her shirt until Mila pressed her cool hands against the exposed skin of Reese’s abdomen.

Reese gasped at the touch, and Mila surged forward, thrusting her tongue into Reese’s mouth. She broke the kiss with a happy hum.

“Mmm, mint. Gum? Breath mint?”

The question didn’t register at first. Mila was so goddamned sexy, unraveling Reese completely when she was around, thread by thread until she was left as little more than a simpering, begging puddle of want. Finally, after an embarrassingly long pause, she uttered a completely incomprehensible answer to Mila’s question about her minty fresh breath.

The question and answer didn’t really matter. It had taken her a while to figure out that Mila liked to ask silly, random questions during sex as a gauge for how turned on Reese was at any given moment. The answer didn’t matter nearly as much as how long it took for her to speak and whether or not she made sense when she did.

Mila stepped around her and engaged the lock on the door. “There, now we won’t be interrupted by unwanted guests.”

Mila returned to her, tracing one finger along the line of her shoulders and down to the lapels on her shirt. She leaned forward and brushed a ghost of a kiss to the outer shell of her ear. “Shirt on or off?”

Reese forced herself to concentrate, to focus on Mila’s words and what was expected of her next. “Whatever you want, that’s what I want.”

“Mmm, good answer. Let’s leave it on. You look every bit the rogue with those suspenders and your shirt hanging open. I hope you’ll dress up for me again.”

Reese wasn’t sure exactly when she’d stopped being a carefree boi about town and started being exclusively Mila’s. It’s not as if she wanted it, and if she thought about it for too long, even now, the implications dug at her insides and made everything murky and unclear. That’s why she tried to never, ever think about it. All she would concede was that she and Mila fit together in a way that was indecipherable. When Mila touched her, it brought her to the very brink of perfection.

Without thought, she reached up to tug on the ties holding the front of Mila’s dress together. Mila slapped her hands away. “No. This dress took way too long to get on. I’m not going through that again tonight.”

Reese settled her hands on Mila’s waist and rubbed half circles into the fabric with her thumbs. “What do you want?”

“Mmm.” Mila rested her hands flat against Reese’s chest, her palms hot against her skin. “I want all of you, every last bit.”

There was no way the kiss that followed should have felt innocent, but it did. Despite the throb spreading outward from between her legs and the cock Mila had instructed her to wear for the sole purpose of fucking her blind, when Mila brushed her lips against Reese’s, all things good and right came to life inside her. Faith in something more, in the possibility of them extending beyond a temporary distraction into something solid and real and forever, bubbled in her chest and almost flowed out of her mouth. She was able to stop the words, barely, but she couldn’t contain her moan.

The sweet, almost chaste way that Mila kissed her laid waste to her defenses until she was strung out and bared. All she wanted was to fall to her knees and promise Mila that she was hers, only hers, now and forever.

Then, Mila pushed a little harder, parted her lips, and slipped her tongue into Reese’s mouth. At the same time, she opened the fly on Reese’s trousers and pulled the dildo free. She pumped her hand along the length of the shaft, pushing it against Reese’s clit in time to her tongue pushing inside her mouth, licking, exploring, taking.

“Jesus,” Reese said, breathless and swamped with desire. She imagined pushing Mila to her hands and knees, lifting up that damned dress, and fucking her from behind. She’d take her hard and fast until she couldn’t remember anything except the feel of Reese inside her as she pushed her to orgasm over and over.

Or, maybe, before she fucked her, she’d let Mila suck her off for a while. Very few things excited her as much as the site of Mila on her knees, lips stretched wide as she swallowed down Reese’s cock.

Or, maybe she’d toss her on the bed, settle between her legs, and bring her to climax with her tongue and fingers at least three times before letting her have the cock she’d ordered Reese’ to wear.

Before she could decide, Mila guided her to a ridiculous, oversized, leather chair and pushed gently against her shoulders until Reese sank down onto the seat. Then, she delicately lifted her skirt, settled herself over Reese, and guided the head of the dildo to her opening. Slowly, oh so slowly, she lowered herself until she was fully seated, her full weight resting on Reese.

She ducked her head and rested it against Reese’s shoulder, her breath ragged and hot on her neck as she said, “Yes. That’s perfect.”

Mila paused there, long enough for Reese’s insides to bunch with anticipation. Her fingers itched to grab hold, to lift Mila only to force her down hard against her. She held Mila lightly, with her hands loose around her waist. She played with the fabric restlessly, wanting more than this terrible limbo where her body thrummed with the need to thrust, fuck, take, yet knowing it would be so much better if she was patient and allowed Mila to set the pace.

Mila circled her hips, applying the tiniest amount of pressure, and Reese whimpered. Without permission, her fingers tightened around Mila’s waist in a silent request for more.

“Oh, baby. You’re so good for me, aren’t you?” Mila licked a line from the crook of Reese’s shoulder up to her ear and nipped at the lobe. “I’m going to take care of you. I promise. Just be still for a little longer. Can you do that?”

“Yes,” Reese surged forward and kissed the side of Mila’s throat. Mila needed time, and Reese could give her that. In exchange, she could have this one small part of Mila, this tiny strip of skin that felt so good under her lips, between her teeth, throbbing with heat as Reese sucked and sucked until it rose up in a dark purple welt.

Mila clutched at the back of her head and made a gurgling noise that might have been, “Oh god, yes.”

Mila circled her hips, pushing harder and faster until Reese couldn’t keep still for even a moment longer.

“Please, Mila,” she said, breathless and dazed with lust. “Please, you have to…” She kissed Mila hard on the mouth. “You have to let me move.”

Rather than respond, Mila lifted herself just the tiniest bit, and Reese about went mad. She tightened her grip and pulled Mila down hard as she thrust up. Mila threw her head back and groaned. Reese paused just long enough to bite that shining purple bruise on Mila’s neck, and then she sat back, braced herself, and lifted. Mila slid up and almost off her cock. With the barest tip left inside, Reese waited half a second, then pulled her back down.

Just like that, they’d passed the point of no return. Reese couldn’t help the way her fingers dug into Mila’s sides, the bruises that were definitely forming there. She couldn’t stop herself from issuing moan after moan, guttural, dark sounds that didn’t belong out in the open, sounds that made her feel vulnerable and needy and on the wrong side of out of control.

She thrust and jerked Mila up and down, using her in a way that wasn’t pretty or polite, but felt so fucking good. The harder she moved, the louder Mila chanted her name, and the closer she got to falling into a deep black pit that threatened to swallow her whole. This was the way it was with Mila. Addicting, sticky, animalistic. Their shared desire to hurt one another, to push boundaries, to burn everything around them to the ground consumed Reese at a cellular level, down to the very particles that made her.

Mila shuddered and shook, her body moving like a puppet with an unreliable master. Reese fucked her through it without slowing, prolonging her orgasm as long as possible. She stopped, gentled her motions when Mila slumped against her, body slack and loose.

“Mmm. That was amazing,” Mila said, her voice as sloppy and languid as her body.

“Yeah?” Reese pressed a kiss to the side of her head and caressed her gently, rubbing her hands up and down her sides to eventually settle on the swell of her ass.

“Yeah. Amazing.” Mila smiled sleepily.

Reese slapped her ass, a slight crack meant to wake her up. “Hey, none of that. We’re not done yet.”

“Oh?” Mila’s smile was still sleepy, but she looped her arms around Reese’s neck with an impish glint in her eyes.

Rather than answer, Reese tightened her grip on Mila and stood. Mila squealed with delight as Reese carried her to the bed. She dropped her at the edge, fell to her knees, and pushed Mila’s legs apart.

“Oh.” Mila giggled and touched the top of Reese’s head. She fisted her fingers in her hair and tugged playfully. “You think so, do you?”

“I know,” Reese said, her voice rough with desire. And then she stopped talking completely. She wasn’t here to read Mila’s pussy a bedtime story. She was here to make Mila quiver and come once more.

She dipped her tongue inside, just the tip, enough to taste the burst of flavor before she swiped upward. She licked the length of Mila’s opening and then swirled her tongue around her clit.

“That’s it,” Mila said with a gentle sigh. Her body tensed slightly, and she rocked her hips.

Most of the time, Reese was happy to let Mila fuck her face, moving and thrusting to control her rise to orgasm. But not this time. She grabbed Mila, her hands high under her skirt, and pressed her hips into the bed. She moved her tongue in slow circles, teasing Mila’s clit until it was hard and thick and delicious.

Mila moaned and tried to thrust again, but Reese held her firm.

“Stop,” she said, mouth pressed against Mila’s pussy. “Let me do this.”

She licked Mila with all the care and reverence that she left out as they fucked on the chair. Within minutes, she brought Mila to the shaking, shivering edge. Her body tensed, fingers flexed and released, and she issued a steady string of “yes” and “please” and “Reese.”

Gently, she eased one finger inside Mila and pressed up to tease the rough flesh as she flicked her tongue faster.

Mila’s orgasm was softer this time, easier, and she was still smiling when Reese climbed over her and urged her to move farther up the bed.

“Good?” Reese asked.

Mila nodded with that same sloppy, faraway look.


Reese lined up with Mila’s opening and pushed until she was fully inside. She eased out and thrust again, short, tight movements meant to build Mila up again. Mila groaned with pleasure and tilted her hips, opening up to the weight of Reese thrusting into her.

“God, you feel so fucking good inside me.”

“Ungh.” Reese was beyond actual words. She’d fucked herself to the brink of orgasm on the chair and let the desire simmer as she took Mila through her second climax. This time, she wasn’t holding back. She needed to come, and she needed to watch Mila come at the same time.

She fucked Mila, relying on sheer power rather than grace or technique. It was sloppy and wet and the sound of them moving together was positively obscene. It all worked together to push her higher and higher until she was there, teetering and whimpering.

“Mila, please, I need you to come. Please, baby.”

Mila arched hard. She came with a sharp cry. That’s all she needed. Whatever it was that made Reese Reese, the essence of her at her very core, unraveled and darted through her like a deflating balloon. When her body calmed and pulled itself back together, she was collapsed on top of Mila, panting, with tears in her eyes.

Mila smoothed her hair, stroking gently as she made comforting shushing noises. “You okay?”

“Mmm-hmm.” Reese snuggled in tighter, nuzzling her face into Mila’s shoulder.

Mila allowed her to stay there a few moments before she patted her shoulder. “Sorry, babe, but you’re smashing the fuck out of me. Plus, you know, your junk is still inside me.”

Reese grunted as she forced herself to her knees. She tried to move slowly so as to not just flop out of Mila in a painful rush, but she kinda failed.

As she sat up and moved to the end of the bed, she tried to decide what came next. They needed to get themselves straightened up and make their way home, but they were in a strange place, without any of their usual after-sex stuff in the bedside drawer. They were a sticky, nasty mess of come and spit, and as awesome as it felt in the moment, now all she wanted was a goddamn baby wipe to clean herself up.

“Well, this sucks.” Mila flopped down next to her. “We need to pack a kit or something.”

Reese nodded. “First thing tomorrow.”

“Let’s get this over with.” Mila stood and offered Reese a hand.

Once standing, they worked together to tuck, button, and zip until all of Reese’s costume was in place, minus the mask because that fucker made it way too hard for her to breathe.

“Ready?” She smiled at Mila.

Mila slipped her hand into Reese’s, lacing their fingers together. The connection had the strangest effect on Reese, simultaneously cautioning her about getting hurt, while also filling her with warmth and comfort. It was disconcerting and, as was the case anytime they weren’t fucking or about to fuck, Reese felt at odds with herself. One half of her itched to get away, and the other half wanted to curl up in Mila’s lap and never leave.

Mila tapped her on the nose. “Don’t think so hard about it.”

Reese nodded and rolled her shoulders.

When they stepped out into the hall, another couple was there, leaned up against the wall and so deep in their foreplay that they might have already crossed the line. Reese pushed them toward the open door and said, “Have fun.”

The masquerade party was still in full swing, but Reese let Mila guide her down the stairs and out the front door. For tonight, Reese bargained with herself, it was okay for her to simply enjoy Mila’s company. Tomorrow she could go back to worrying about what it all meant.

“Want to get some dinner?” Mila asked.


“Oh.” Mila stared at her flatly. “I thought maybe—”

“Yeah, I know. But I feel gross. Could we just go back to your place? I’ll order Thai and have it delivered.”

Mila smiled again, her expression opening up like a flower in spring. “Yeah, showers and Thai. I can do that.”

“Well, not showers, hopefully.” Reese put heavy emphasis on the plural s at the end of showers and swung their joined hands between them.

“Right. Shower.”

As Reese walked through the darkened streets with Mila, awareness dawned that Halloween was better with Mila, just like everything else. She smiled, despite the nagging voice urging her to be careful.

“What?” Mila asked.

“Nothing.” Reese kissed her. “I like you. A lot.”

“I like you too.”


Reese didn’t worry about what came next for the rest of the night. She just let herself be, Reese with Mila. It was a pretty awesome way to be.



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